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Deluxe Satin Eye Pillows

Deluxe Satin Eye Pillows

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Includes removable satin cover
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Deluxe Satin Eye Pillows

Filled with organic Flax Seed and lavender 

Use this soothing, relaxing Flax Seed and Lavendaer Eye Pillow to help alleviate migraines, anxiety, stress, mild depression, and insomnia. 

Eye Pillows are great for massage therapists to place on their client's eyes during a massage or body treatment. The gentle weight of flax seed promotes a deep state of relaxation. 

Our eye pillows are made from high quality cooling pure Satin and come in a removable washable Satin cover 

Let them help you eliminate the headaches caused by stress, anxiety,tension, and fatigue that you deal with each and every day! The perfect weight of the flax seed applies acupressure to your facial muscles helping to stimulate your body's natural healing abilities and achieve a centered, emotional balance. 

The restful benefits:

  • Great for use in Yoga
  • Perfect preparation for a deeper meditation
  • Allows you to relax and de-stress by turning your focus inwards
  • Slows your breathing down
  • Offers relief from head pressure, headaches or sinus pressure
  • Invites a deeper sleep
  • Perfect if your eyes are tired from spending too long on the computer
  • Relieves Sinus irritations 
  • Great for traveling
  • Use warm or cold to soothe different parts of your body. I often like one placed across the tops of my feet as well as my eyes
  • Can also be used under your wrist as a mouse pillow beside your computer.

Size: 200mm x 100mm 

Colours; Purple, Green, Burgundy, Blue, Gold, Pink, Red, 

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