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Clinical Shiatsu

Clinical Shiatsu

This is the most advanced Shiatsu video available!
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Clinical Shiatsu

CLINICAL SHIATSU with John Hickey.

Many massage therapists face clients dealing with stress-induced back and neck pain. Expand your skills in the increasingly popular and requested technique of Shiatsu bodywork. This two hour long instructional DVD will help you learn to use Shiatsu to treat back and neck pain, with advanced assessment tools and meridian pairing techniques.

Shiatsu is a Japanese modality that means finger pressure "tsubo" on acupressure points. It is based on Chinese medicine; however, Shiatsu is a non-invasive treatment that doesn't use needles - like acupuncture. For some, Shiatsu feels like a "tune-up" for your well- being. It is a fully clothed, non-oil massage.

This comprehensive and carefully sequenced two-hour DVD covers the majority of the primary meridians, and it also includes multiple sequences that you can use to vary your work on each client. You’ll learn about Back-shu Points, and Ashi points from instructor John Hickey, an experienced acupuncturist and Shiatsu practioner. In-depth information includes helpful tips and techniques to help you evaluate clients in terms of excessive or deficient, chi or blood stagnation, a meridian review and much more.

This is the most advanced Shiatsu video avaliable!

About The Teacher
John Hickey, licensed accupuncturist, has been teaching and practicing shiatsu and Oriental Medicine for over 20 years. He practices and teaches shiatsu in Carpenteria, California

Duration 2hr
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