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Tony O'Conner: Music for relaxation featuring 7 tracks set to the resonating sound of the Didgeridoo, accompanied by wind instruments and the piano.
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Seven tracks set to the resonating didgeridoo drone, and accompanied by wind instruments and piano. Each track is based on a particular frequency, perfectly matching each of the Chakra points. This is an amazing album, perfect for meditating or easy listening.

Seven pieces, each seven minutes long, set to each of the Chakra energy points. I worked with Dr John Pirie on this album, creating the perfect atmosphere for healing and balancing. Many therapists - masseurs, Bowen Technique, chiropractors etc have said that Awakenings greatly assists their work on many levels.
If you're looking for music that truly helps you relax, or to meditate with, I think you will find Awakenings ideal.


Thank you Tony for producing such a magnificent tool. My patients enter a very deep, relaxed state, as do I, every time we play this CD. The deep resonating bass tone perfectly aligns with the body, syncing in with energetic points. Excellent - one of the only albums I have heard that genuinely has such an effect.

 Tony O'Connor is one of Australia's most popular composers and producers of instrumental music.
The titles in this collection form some of the most sought-after albums for assisting relaxation and helping lower tension and stress levels.
They are ideal for use during massage or in relaxing areas.
"There is a certain magic to Tony's work" that therapists have referred to as a "breathing quality"- a tempo and emotive feel that assists the body and mind to unwind.

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